Get started quickly

Provided in SaaS mode (Software as a Service), SEPAeditor does not require any installation on your computer, and no technical knowledge.
After you register online, the services are accessible immediately, no matter where you are.

No time commitment required

You can stop your SEPAeditor subscription whenever you want. You can also change tariff (Starter or Optimum) at any time.

Rates dependent on your volume of transactions

Your subscription to SEPAeditor depends on how much you use it.
Do you carry out just a few transactions every month? Choose the free version of SEPAeditor.
Your number of transactions increases? Opt for the monthly flat-rate (from EUR 20 per month).

No up-front investment

With SEPAeditor there is no investment and no implementation costs. The monthly subscription includes backups, maintenance and email assistance for an unlimited number of users and companies.

Guaranteed to comply with the SEPA standards

SEPAeditor allows you to produce transfer or direct debit files to the SEPA standard (XML 20022).
The software complies with the EPC and national integration committees rules, and also the special characteristics of each of your banks.