The SEPA with SEPAeditor

Create SEPA files with SEPAeditor

SEPAeditor allows you to create files (SCT: SEPA Credit Transfer, and SDD: SEPA Direct Debit), containing SEPA orders, ready to send to your bank. Based on your preferences you can enter the data for your orders, import data from a text file with separators, or convert an old standard bank transfer file (DTA, CFONB, AEB, PLI, EMTS, etc.). Data downloaded from SEPAeditor is checked using the rules established by the EPC (European Payments Council) and your bank.

After setting up your preferences, you can send the SEPA file (XML 20022 - pain 001.001.03, pain 001.002.03, pain 008.001.02, pain 008.002.02) to your bank, either via its website or using your transmission software.

SEPA payments SCT SDD

SEPAeditor is offered to you in a free version (maximum 500 orders per month) or by subscription with no time commitment (unlimited number of orders).

Simplify SEPA migration thanks to SEPAeditor!