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VVE Appartementcomplexb highlights how helpful the SEPAeditor teams are

On the advice of his bank, Mr Starreman, treasurer for VVE Appartementcomplexb (Netherlands), chose SEPAeditor for SEPA direct debits.

  • Could you tell us about your organisation and your role within it?

I am the treasurer of VVE Appartementcomplexb, an association of co-owners of a building in Brunssum, the Netherlands. This co-ownership is made up of 14 families who elect a chairman, treasurer and secretary. Once a year, we get together to examine expenditure and the work carried out over the past year. We also look at future maintenance and other important management issues related to our building.

  • How did you first hear about SEPAeditor?

My bank advised me to use SEPAeditor when I started to look for SEPA-compliant software.

  • How was the process of registering for the software and setting it up? And how do you use it today?

I use SEPAeditor to debit the 14 co-owner families. I had some issues setting up the tool, because I am not great with computers. However, I got lots of help from the customer help desk. I really appreciated their patience. Today, I follow the user manual while I work.

  • What impact has SEPAeditor had on your general organisation?

Thanks to SEPAeditor, we don't have to worry about receiving monthly payments from our debtors any more. And if I have a problem using the software I know I can always count on the customer service.

  • In your opinion, what are SEPAeditor's strengths and how could it be improved?

One of the strengths of SEPAeditor is how readily available and quick the help teams are. They always give the right advice. However, I do have to get in touch with them regularly to correct my file when it has been converted so my bank is able to read them.

  • SEPAeditor response:

A computer bug was the cause of this requirement to correct converted files. The problem has now been solved.

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