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Web-based solution SEPAeditor supports Muchomasfacil for its SEPA direct debits in Spain

Mr Alvaro uses SEPAeditor on a monthly basis to create his SEPA direct debit remittances.

  • What is Muchomasfacil?

We are a Spanish company with fewer than 10 employees that specialises in developing web hosting and online advertising.

  • How did you hear about SEPAeditor?

We found the solution through searching online.

  • How was the process of registering for the software and setting it up? And how do you use it today?

We use SEPAeditor to carry out the monthly remittances that we then send to our bank for our customers' subscription direct debits. During set-up I had some problems filling in some fields when creating remittances.

  • What impact has using SEPAeditor had on your general organisation?

Using the software has made managing our customers' bank details easier, especially as we have to renew the transaction every month. SEPAeditor really does help us.

  • What would you say are SEPAeditor's strengths and what kind of improvement would you expect?

Overall, our migration to SEPA has been smooth thanks to SEPAeditor. However, setting up the software was a bit confusing, especially when it came to loading and saving converted files in SEPAeditor. I think a more detailed guide on the fields that need to be filled in when creating remittances would be useful. When using the software I do encounter the following issue: Spanish legislation dictates that when we created non-SEPA remittances in the past, we had to enter a real date that could precede the date the file was created. However, in SEPAeditor this is not possible. So once I have downloaded the XML file from SEPAeditor I have to make changes to integrate this date.

  • SEPAeditor response:

The compulsory fields in SEPAeditor are highlighted in orange, in contrast to the other fields (shown in black). Help bubbles are then displayed to explain the complex entry fields.

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