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The Portuguese company Marzeus uses SEPAeditor to carry out its SEPA credit transfers (SCT)

Ms Calçada uses SEPAeditor to carry out her transfers each month. She emphasises just how easy the software is to use.

  • Could you tell us about your organisation and your role within it?

I am the director of MARZEUS, a company which manages outsourced HR administration and accountancy for a number of Portuguese and international companies. We also provide legal advice for our customers.

  • How did you find out about SEPAeditor?

My son, who is an IT engineer for a large group, recommended SEPAeditor to me, praising how easy it is to use.

  • How was the process of registering for the software and setting it up?

I registered with my son who, among other things, showed me how simple it is to recover your password which is sent to you by e-mail, and how to change it. Registration was trouble-free, which is the reason the software won me over initially.
I started to use SEPAeditor when it became necessary to start using the SEPA standard in Portugal. The application is very intuitive, and using it to process the monthly salaries takes no time at all.
I have been sending more than 30 SEPA Credit Transfers per month for one year. Previously, I entered my orders into SEPAeditor directly, but now I prefer to import files which I then convert to the SEPA standard in the software.

  • What do you see as SEPAeditor's greatest advantage?

The main asset of the software is that it is so easy to use. This allowed me to get up and running quickly in the application. Today, I use it without difficulties and I don't waste any time. This is important for me as I am not often at my desk.

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