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SEPAeditor has a great quality/price ratio according to Fiduciaire 93

Mr Hollander, manager of the accountancy firm Fiduciaire 93, chose SEPAeditor during the switch to SEPA. Fed up with software editors trying to make a profit from the migration, Mr Hollander turned to SEPAeditor to put in place his office's SEPA direct debits. He is still happy with his choice.

  • Could you tell us about your organisation and your role within it?

I am the manager of Fiduciaire 93, an accountancy firm which employs a dozen people. My role is to coordinate, lead and monitor the work my employees do. I am in direct contact with the customers about their file

  • How did you hear about SEPAeditor?

SEPAeditor was recommended to me by my financial adviser (Eric Desquatrevaux, Director of Avizo).

  • How was the process of registering for the software and setting it up? And how do you use it today?

I did not really have any problems registering. The system is quite intuitive. I use the software for some monthly transactions, including one at the end of the month which involves grouping around 60 transactions.

  • What impact has using SEPAeditor had on your general organisation?

Before I used software that I had bought. When invoicing for the migration to SEPA, all access providers for this service proved themselves to be very greedy. You were the only one to offer a service with an optimum price/quality ratio. Today, I use SEPAeditor to debit my customers. Given our organisation, rolling out direct debits for my new customers has been crucial for treasury stability. As a result, any problems relating to generating a direct debit file or its management by the bank can quickly become catastrophic.

  • What would you say are SEPAeditor's strengths and what kind of improvement would you expect?

Firstly, I would say that SEPAeditor's price/quality ratio is very good. In addition, each software update makes it easier and more enjoyable to use. Finally, although part of the help service is located in the US (therefore there are delays in response time), I have to say that the teams are very understanding and quick to help. I had to speak to them about file compatibility issues with certain banks (not all). A big thank you to the SEPAeditor teams!
As far as improvements are concerned, I would suggest that the teams keep us up to date on compatibility issues for the software with different versions of Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. More generally, telling us about any bugs they are experiencing would enable us to plan for certain problems. Moreover, it would be practical if SEPAeditor could send our customers an automatic e-mail at the time of their direct debits. Finally, even though great progress has already been made, quick entry of direct debit files could be improved still further.

  • SEPAeditor response:

SEPAeditor was designed to function correctly with the following web browsers:
- Internet Explorer 7 and later
- Firefox 15 and later
- Chrome
- Safari

Customers are then informed of corrective and evolutionary updates by messages displayed when they log into the software.

To finish, in order to send an e-mail to debited third parties, press the "Finish" button after downloading the remittance. On the next screen, the "Transaction notice by e-mail" button opens a window in which beneficiary e-mails can be supplied. For third parties whose e-mail addresses are registered in the database, this window will enable you to verify that the automatically displayed e-mail does not contain any errors.

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