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Table of the SEPA converters

The table below shows the SEPA converters* list (XML SDD or SCT) available for European legacy banking files.

If your format is not yet available, you can always enter or import the data for your orders as a (csv or txt) text file with separators, thus creating the matching SEPA XML file.

Find out more : converting files in SEPAeditor
Country Format Name Availability*
Belgium LAY-OUT 128 Transfer
DOM 80 Direct debit
France CFONB 160 Transfer
CFONB 160 Direct debit
Germany DTA 128 Transfer
DTA 128 Direct debit
Italy CBI 120 Transfer
RIBA Direct debit
DIR Direct debit
Netherlands CLIEOP 03 Transfer
CLIEOP 03 Direct debit
Poland PLI Transfer
Portugal PS2 Transfer
PS2 Direct debit
Spain AEB 34 Transfer
AEB 19 Direct debit

* Dates are estimated no guarantee is given