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How to create a SEPA direct debit thanks to a text file

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Managing SCTs (SEPA Credit Transfers)

Once the data has been imported or entered online, SEPAeditor allows you to manage your SCT payment orders in a screen which matches the SEPA Credit Transfer (XML 20022 - pain 001.001.03, pain 001.002.03). The mandatory fields are indicated by color-coding and the data is checked using the rules established by the EPC (European Payments Council).

To simplify daily use, SEPAeditor offers you:

  • The option of saving and reusing recurring lists (salary payments, for example)
  • A rapid data entry form for mass payments (list entry)
  • Applying the same comment to all payment orders

For each of your SCT transfers, SEPAeditor provides you with a summary (total amount, number of orders, account debited, etc.), which you can print at any time. Once the SCT payment file has been generated, SEPAeditor suggests sending a personalized email automatically to each third party involved, to inform them about the amount paid, the reason and the payment date and the SEPA specific identifiers (End to end identification, BIC, IBAN, ISSR).

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