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Converting order files to the SEPA standard

SEPAeditor allows you to convert files of transfer payment orders or direct debits created from the legacy standards to the SEPA XML format (SCT: SEPA Credit Transfer - SDD: SEPA Direct Debit).

If your payment or collection management software generates bank files using European legacy standards (AEB, DTAUS, CFONB, PS2, PLI, CBI, LAYOUT, CLIEOP: see the available SEPA converters), you can import them and output the equivalent file in the SEPA XML format (SCT - SDD).


SEPAeditor does the SEPA conversion by carrying out the following operations:

  • Calculating the IBAN
  • Automatically assigning one end-to-end reference
  • Updating the mandate data from the database (RUM), and including any mandate changes which need to be declared

Once the SEPA file is produced by SEPAeditor, you can send it to your bank, either via their website, or using your remote upload software.

In addition, do not forget that you can always import the data for your orders in the form of a text file with a separator (either "csv" or "txt" types) and create a SEPA XML file matching those orders.